Contact the 113th Congress

FULL LIST includes phone numbers and web address links. 

Your call or email can make a difference in the way Congress handles your money. Congress has not taken a pay cut but has issued a pay cut to all Americans. Here is the full list of current members of Congress.




How To Graduate College Debt Free?


15 Tips for Graduating College Debt Free
1. Finish in four years or less. Yes, this will mean serious studying. Why not graduate on time and avoid paying another year of tuition right?
2. Work part time during the week and full time on the weekends. This income will add up quick.
3. Spend summers working as many hours as you can and putting that money toward a dedicated college fund for the coming tuition year.
4. Avoid buying the latest and greatest gadgets. It’s tough, but you should exercise self-control. For all you know, those gadgets were purchased by their parents. Don’t buy into the hype!
5. If you move away from home, always live with roommates and even put multiple people in bedrooms. This can cut down your rent bill significantly.